In an age of complexity, how do we turn down the volume on being “right” so we can lean into our abilities to empathize, understand, and collaborate? Karl Ostroski and Alice Leong share insights on how we can broaden our understanding of culture.

In business, “culture” tends to focus on what makes an organization or team tick — its unique process and its collective personality. But “culture” has so many definitions, all highly contextual. Hearing “culture,” you may think of a vacation abroad filled with wonderful sights, sounds, and food. …

Written by Karl Ostroski and Alice Leong — April 2018.

Agile transformations require trust and many small, thoughtful iterations to succeed. When teams struggle to communicate, dive deep into what might be the underlying issue.

Photo by Anders Jildén on Unsplash

The team from Mexico doesn’t know what they’re doing.

That wasn’t true, but it was the first thought that came to mind. The project was to transform our primary operation and billing system to meet the legal and business needs in Mexico. It worked for us, so it should work for them with some minor tweaks. We followed agile development principles, made several onsite visits…

Karl Ostroski

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